RFP Writing Service and RFP Management Service

O ur RFP writing service can maximize your investment in custom software development and in any other professional service your organization might need. We identify the objectives and requirements, draft the Request for Proposal (RFP), and manage the entire solicitation process. Our work ensures you shop valuable solutions that fit.

It’s easy to shop price. When you’re soliciting proposals for professional service; however, the objective is to shop value. Below, we’ll use the example of custom software development to illustrate the difference between price and value. You’ll see why it’s important to shop both.

Value Exceeds Cost

RFP Writing Service

For custom software development, little matters more than receiving a solution that fits. If this weren’t true, competitive businesses would purchase packaged applications and save themselves time and money.

Armed with the right information, competent developers propose solutions that increase business efficiencies and decrease business expenses. They do this by proposing solutions that fit the business needs. The result of the customization is that the developed solution becomes more valuable than its cost.

Our RFP Writing Service

If you’ve never written an RFP, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to solicit little more than price. Consider the RFP that requests “1, 2 and 3.”  For fear of being excluded from the solicitation process, vendors will propose only what the RFP requests. The result is that every response proposes “1, 2 and 3.”  As the buyer, you’re relegated to price shopping.

Here’s where an experienced RFP writer can make a difference. Our writers gather the right information and leave room for vendors to add value.  When they do, price becomes less significant.  Consider the following two custom software solutions:

  1. A $125,000 software application that fixes the identified problem. OR
  2. A $130,000 software application that fixes the identified problem.  This solution also:
    a. automates inventory tracking
    b. solves a document management problem
    c. eliminates the need for paper and paper storage
    d. can be inexpensively expanded to meet next year’s goals
    e. provides a shorter ROI

For many organizations, the second solution is most attractive. This is true even though it’s more expensive.

RFP Management Service

We also manage the entire solicitation process.   We solicit responses, manage bidder communications, review proposals, and assist in vendor selection. Our work keeps your team doing what they do best.

Why MyPM

  • We Have Expert Knowledge
    Our certified project managers and experienced writers bring the intellectual assets that drive results.
  • We Solicit Price and Value
    There’s a big difference between price and value. We’ll help you shop both.
  • We Provide a Flexible Approach
    You’ll appreciate our flexibility throughout the entire process. We’ll scale our solution to fit the needs of your organization.

Are You Ready?

Maximize your investment in a professional service like custom software  development. Our RFP writing service and RFP management service can help.