Proposal Graphics

Without proposal graphics, a complex response is a dangerously dry read. To improve our win rates, we must see the value of graphic design reaching beyond the proposal cover page.

Value of Proposal Graphics

What value does a slick cover page and a few graphics provide? Do they make the proposal look good? Does that really matter?

One benefit of proposal graphics includes providing a sense of visual unity to the entire response. Without a doubt, proposal graphics can add a polish that text alone can’t convey.

Proposal graphics design service

The Real Value

Visual unity and cohesiveness are nice, but that isn’t the only value. Handled properly, proposal graphics are the virtual tour guide of the proposal. When the reader sits alone with the proposal, the graphics are there to speak on the writer’s behalf. It’s their responsibility to:

    Guide the reader from beginning to end.
    Communicate the information clearly.

    Elicit conversations about the solution.
    Boost the persuasiveness of the proposal.

Proposal Experience Matters

When so much rides on the expertise of the graphic designer and illustrator, experience really matters. For this reason, when we support development of Department of Defense (DoD) responses, we rely on the same artist that served Raytheon for over 17 years. He has a long history of being a major contributor on high-value wins. His work includes:


Condor Proposal
Command Post Platform
Colt Sniper Rifle Proposal
KC-10 Engine Support
Army Future Combat Systems
Joint Strike Fighter
C-130 Avionics Modernization
BCIS Proposal
Combat ID System


Brigade Combat Team Modernization
DDG-1000 Program
Dragonfire Radio Division
Joint Battle Management
Forward Air Control System
Tactical Communications System
Starblazer Multi-Band ECCM
MXF-430 Multi-Band Terminal
Multi-Band Multi-Mission Radio


Complex engineering concepts
Battlefield scenarios
Military equipment
Military personnel
Military scenarios
Extensive Photo Retouching
Trade Show Product book

Additional Work

Other graphic designers we rely on support both commercial and government proposals. They regularly produce:

Proposal Covers
Executive Summary Art
Media Briefs

Technical Brochures
War Room Graphics
Trade Show Banners

Illustrations for Media Briefings
Product Illustrations
Slides for Oral Presentation
CD Labels

The Proposal Graphic Designer

Like others on the proposal team, proposal graphic designers and illustrators are specialists. They typically possess a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, at a minimum. They also have several years of proposal experience and strong portfolios of recent work.

They work as an integral part of the proposal team. Often, they’re involved throughout the business development life cycle, from capture management to oral presentations. Besides producing quality graphics, they’re also responsible for:

Collaborating with the capture manager, proposal manager, and proposal coordinator.
Helping to establish scope, schedule, and budget.
Participating in team reviews.
Interviewing technical personnel and subject matter experts.
Translating written and verbal comments into visual responses.
Maintaining configuration management and version control procedures.
Contributing to reuse libraries and lessons learned documentation.

Need Proposal Graphics?

Proposal graphics can boost the competitiveness of commercial and government proposals. Let’s discuss how they can improve your response.