Experienced Proposal Writers

The proposal writers at MyPM are superb craftspeople, capable of conjuring an image without referencing the word. We understand what the pen is mightier than.

The proposal writers at MyPM are experienced professionals from diverse educational backgrounds. We are strategists, persuaders and planners. We weave subtle salesmanship with RFP compliance and on-time delivery. Our work captures and uplifts the unique essence of each client.

The proposal writers at MyPM are accommodating. We gather the information we need in ways that best serve our clients. We ask for their preferences first, then we plan our work.

What We Write

Our Proposal Writers

We write proposed responses to both business and government issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs). On the government side, most of our experiences concern federal proposal writing.

We sit on the other side of the table, too: we also write RFPs. We thoroughly enjoy both roles in this business of call and response. Each experience provides us with the insight to better serve you.

Why Our Proposal Writers

MyPM customizes the services we provide and our proposal writing and management service is no different. First, we roll up our proverbial sleeves and do the hard work of listening. We ask many questions and we listen. Then, after strategic planning and careful consideration, we write. When we write, we provide our clients with original, persuasive work that they’re proud to place their names on.

When working with MyPM, you’ll take part in a flexible, highly organized process. Our flexibility includes capturing the information we need, in manners that best serve you.

Our level of organization is a stress-reducer, for sure.  It enables your team to relax and tell their story. It enables our writers to produce compliant, on-time responses.

Lastly, you’ll appreciate our transparency. We provide regular and frequent status reporting and copies of the in-progress draft. You’ll have many opportunities to provide feedback and, without asking, you’ll always know where we are.

Let’s Get Started

Need a hand responding to a complex RFP? Our experienced proposal writers are ready. Contact us and let’s begin the conversation.