Orals Coaching Service

We offer our orals coaching service to teams who respond to high-value RFPs with presentation requirements. We use a results-driven process delivered by a federal trial attorney with over three decades of government procurement experience.

For those carrying the responsibility of presentation; we lift the weight of the world from your shoulders. Our work enables you to take the stage with confidence and articulate the winning message.

Value this Opportunity

Orals Coaching Service

Organizations expend considerable resources to develop a winning response. They spend years positioning for release of an RFP followed by months generating the proposal. For a chosen few, all of these efforts culminate with an oral presentation.

Value this well-earned opportunity. Acknowledge the amount of work required for a successful presentation and ensure development of it is planned and managed.

It’s Not Too Early to Prepare

Planning for oral presentations should begin the moment you learn of the requirement. Ideally, the planning and preparation should happen in conjunction with proposal development. For experienced teams with strong presentation skills, planning begins internally. For those that prefer the insight of an experienced and objective leader, planning is initiated by contacting a professional orals coach.

Why Orals Coaching?

In the government arena, everything can ride on the in-person presentation because it happens after the initial down select. In other words, the proposal was already found compliant and competitive. For presenters, it can be and overwhelming burden to carry.

An orals coach helps shoulder the responsibility of winning. They enable presenters to achieve a level of performance they might not achieve on their own.

What Does an Orals Coach Do?

Our orals coach works with key members of the proposal team to coach presenters in the delivery of a complaint and responsive presentation. We’re prepared to help:

• plan and manage the project
• develop the introduction
• identify potential questions
• formulate answers
• engage in slide deck development
• share past experiences
• remain customer centric
• simulate the presentation setting
• review evaluation criteria
• integrate feedback
• develop a good verbal/visual mix

• keep teams focused
• act as a sounding board
• remove unknown variables
• offer an objective view
• convey evaluator persona
• critique the non-verbal
• conduct rehearsals
• integrate discriminators
• establish tone
• craft the conclusion
• prompt for active listening

• identify gaps
• boost confidence
• address derailing behavior
• manage compliance
• assist with technology
• plan the timing of slides
• integrate the win strategy
• develop the introduction
• integrate value propositions
• design transitions
• help formulate answers

Managing the Work

From start to finish, our orals coach manages the work leading up to presentations. To ensure consistency in content and style, we work with the proposal manager to review the requirements and plan the schedule. Along the way, we manage quality, risk, and communications.

Our Deliverables

Our primary deliverable is the coaching service. Additionally, we develop the slide deck. Our orals coach:

Ensures Compliance
We begin by in reviewing the solicitation requirements. How much time is allotted? How many slides are permitted? What are the formatting requirements? Where will presentations be held? What technology is available? Our work ensures the presentation is compliant.

Develops a Strong Understanding of the Solution
Preparation of the slide deck requires an understanding of the entire proposed solution. We review the proposal and work in conjunction with the proposal manager to understand the solution and incorporate its delivery into the presentation.

Incorporates the Proposal Win Strategy
Like the proposal, the slide deck must be compelling. We ensure integration of the win themes and the customer-centered features, benefits, and discriminators.

Works With the Designer
Where appropriate, we work with the designer to develop a branded and unified look. Consideration will also be given to the development of visual transition triggers and ways to visually communicate the proposal theme.

Establishes the Timing – Our orals coach also owns the timing of the presentation and the timing of each slide and each transition.

Presenter Selection

We perform a skills assessment which results identify presentation team members and alternates. Where requirements permit a subject matter expert (SME) to field questions, we help teams prepare for the interaction between the presenter and the SME. From selection forward, we help develop the authentic voice and talent of each presenter.

Hallmarks of a Winning Team

Planning and practice are hallmarks of a winning team; therefore, our rehearsals include simulations of the presentation environment, video-taped sessions, mock question and answer sessions, and full dress rehearsals. We aim to eliminate surprises, practice successful strategies, boost confidence, and incorporate feedback.

If your team is provided with the opportunity to deliver an oral presentation, don’t squander it by under estimating the work involved. Prepare to win by initiating the service of an effective orals coach.

We Enable Success

Our orals coaching service is built on a results-driven management process with one goal in mind; winning. It’s delivered by a senior-level professional with extensive experience in all phases of new business capture, proposal development, and orals coaching. Teams rely on his DoD and federal proposal experiences to lead the way and they exploit his expertise as a federal trial attorney to sharpen their persuasion and oral presentation skills. When it’s time to prepare for orals, we’re ready to to lead the way. Let’s start the conversation.