Government Proposal Writing Services

Our government proposal writing services enable development of responses to state and local governments. When the opportunity is too important to ignore, rely on an experienced proposal writer to lead the way. We provide senior-level writers, an approach optimized for winning, and meticulous attention to detail. You provide the subject matter expertise and together we will drive results.

Experienced Writers

Our government proposal writers are senior-level professionals who average over twenty years of experience in the proposal industry. Having prepared numerous government proposals that win, we understand the level of planning and commitment that’s required.

Government Proposal Writing Services

Flexible Approach

Whether we’re the sole writer on your team or one of many, we remain flexible in our approach. We can pen the final proposal only or lend full support across the proposal development life cycle. We can work onsite, alongside your team, or remotely with secure, document sharing technology. We’re your full-service proposal management company, prepared to deliver the service you need, when and where you need it.

Proven Methodology

Because winning is the only goal, the methodology matters. Where there are no methods in place, we stand up our own proven processes and place the work of writing under control. Our methodology enables us to deliver a compliant response that addresses each of the solicitation requirements. Equally important, it enables compelling content. By planning and implementing a methodical approach to proposal development, we improve the odds of winning.

Our Government Proposal Writing Services

Why MyPM

Our professionals average over twenty years of experience providing government proposal writing services. In addition, we support clients who respond to federal solicitations. As a full-service proposal management company, we have the ability to remain flexible. We can fill a temporary role on your team or become your entire proposal development office. In addition to government proposal writing services, we offer:

Most importantly; we know there’s only one opportunity to win. Where there’s no process in place, we stand up a proven methodology designed for maximizing the odds.

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