Proposal Writing Review Services

Our proposal writing review services are designed for one purpose only; to improve the quality of your competitive response. We work in a methodical fashion to identify errors, improve consistency, and bolster readability. Ours is a 25-point quality review performed by experienced proposal professionals.

At the end of our review, we’ll return your proposal draft along with tracked changes and suggestions for improvement. Our work pushes proposals to the final phase of development.

When to Conduct a Proposal Writing Review

Proposal writing reviews are best conducted during a red team (quality) review. If you’re not using a color-coded review system, the 85-90% completion mark is an ideal time to begin the review. The writing should be complete enough so that an assessment adds value. On the other hand, it should be conducted early enough so that time remains for implementing changes.

Length of the Review

Depending on the length of the proposal and the complexity of the content, allow one to three days for our proposal writing review services. To ensure reviewers are available; however, consider scheduling the review as early as possible.

Scope of the Review

Our proposal writing review services are comprehensive and they’re consistently performed. We evaluate proposal writing against a 25-point quality checklist. During the review, we’ll use your style guide or suggest one of ours. Our quality checklist triggers an assessment of:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • passive voice
  • acronyms
  • links
  • tables and figures
  • headings
  • bullet lists
  • degrees and certifications
  • graphics
  • pagination
  • headers
  • footers
  • table of contents
  • volume title pages
  • one voice
  • plain language
  • consistency
  • modifiers and redundant pairs
  • hedges and intensifiers
  • negative phrasing
  • nominalizations
  • document properties
  • business-ese

Winning Is Planned

Competitive teams rely on writing reviews to improve their proposals. Could your proposal benefit from a set of fresh eyes? Let’s talk about it.