Proposal Resume Review Services

If you’re considering our proposal resume review services, it’s likely you are responding to a solicitation for service instead of one for products. The solicitation may or may not specify the resume format.

If you think you shouldn’t attach canned, personal resumes, you’re right. A proposal resume is not the same thing as a personal resume.

Proposal Resumes Are Different

For starters, the format of a proposal resume is different. Even where the format is specified in the solicitation, proposal resumes are typically branded to fit the overall design of the proposal document. They have unique layouts and headshots are often included. Though several resumes might be submitted with the proposal, they all appear to belong together. They are consistently designed and written.

From a content perspective, proposal resumes are customer-focused. They clearly address and highlight customer requirements and exclude irrelevant data. Proposal resumes are compelling and should be easy to evaluate. This is true, even if the curriculum vitae format is required.

Proposal Resume Review Service

If you have already prepared all proposal resumes and would like an independent review to boost persuasiveness and improve readability, our proposal resume review service is recommended. Ours is a consistent, step-by-step approach. We:

  review the solicitation and develop a resume requirements matrix;
  analyze the resumes and identify whether all requirements are addressed;
  verify email addresses, phone numbers, and recommendations, if any;
  review for writing quality and consistency; and
  provide concise written feedback regarding format, compliance, and readability.

Proposal Resume Writing Service

If you have captured the personal resumes of everyone on your team, but have not yet prepared proposal resumes, consider our proposal resume writing service. This service includes:

  reviewing the solicitation and developing a resume requirements matrix,
  preparing resumes in compliance with the solicitation requirements or developing a custom format,
  identifying gaps,
  implementing styles that fit the proposal design,
  re-working content to ensure responsiveness,s
  contacting the candidates to obtain needed information,
  highlighting accomplishments and important information,
  discarding irrelevant information,
  including similarly-styled headshots,
  verifying information,
  editing to fit a preferred style guide, and
  obtaining final authorization from each candidate.

Winning Is Planned

Compelling and compliant proposal resumes are different than personal resumes. When competitive teams plan to win, they plan development of customer-focused proposal resumes. If your team needs assistance with proposal resume review or writing, our professionals are ready.