Proposal Compliance Review

Mypm provides the most comprehensive proposal compliance review on the market. Our compliance matrices helps competitive teams stand-up complex proposal development projects. Later in the process, our compliance review identifies whether all solicitation requirements are addressed.

Why does this matter? Recall, there are two elements to a winning proposal. A proposal must be 1) compliant and 2) compelling. Neither element is optional.

If your team is resource-constrained, overwhelmed by a complex solicitation, or simply needs a fresh set of eyes for review, MyPM can help. Our work ensures your proposal complies with the solicitation requirements. Let’s talk about it.

Proposal Compliance Review

What’s a Proposal Compliance Review?

The purpose of a compliance review is to ensure the proposal outline, proposal draft, or final proposal document is prepared in “compliance” with the solicitation requirements. We perform a compliance review by reading the solicitation, capturing the requirements, and identify where and how your proposal addresses those requirements. We record the results of our compliance review in a compliance traceability matrix.

What’s a Compliance Traceability Matrix?

Where a requirement is presented in the solicitation, it must be addressed in the proposal. The compliance traceability matrix lists every requirement found in the solicitation and traces each one to its location in the proposal. In other words, it’s a tracking and proofing tool. Here’s a free template for creating a compliance traceability matrix.

Benefits of Preparing a Compliance Traceability Matrix

It takes considerable time to properly prepare a compliance traceability matrix. Fortunately, it’s time well spent. Here’s why:

  The compliance matrix informs development of a compliant proposal outline. This outline is the framework upon which the entire proposal will be written.

 The compliance matrix can be used to track writing assignments. It may not be the preferred tool for task tracking, but it certainly works.

  At any stage during the proposal development process, the compliance matrix can be used to conduct a reliable compliance review.

  Lastly, some solicitations require that the compliance matrix be submitted with the proposal. It saves time and effort in the solicitor’s review process.

Why Compliance Reviews Are Important

A compliance review protects your investment. Proposal teams devote hundreds of hours developing responses to complex solicitations. They wait for and bid the right opportunity, plan the perfect strategy, develop the right solution, and submit the proposal on time. Where the proposal doesn’t comply with the requirements in the solicitation, it is rejected. It’s not even considered in the evaluation process.

When to Conduct a Compliance Review

Since a compliance traceability matrix must be prepared to conduct a compliance review and because that matrix can serve several purposes, it’s best to develop the matrix as soon as the solicitation is released. After that, a compliance review can be conducted anytime during the proposal development process.

Our Compliance Review Service

We know of no such thing as a “high-level” compliance review. A review for compliance is properly performed or it’s not. Ours is a comprehensive approach. We:

  •   review the entire solicitation, including all appendices,
  •   learn how your team will use the matrix and tailor it to your needs,
  •   develop a detailed compliance traceability matrix,
  •   develop a compliant proposal outline, if requested,
  •   perform one or more comprehensive reviews of the proposal.

Why MyPM

MyPM performs compliance reviews for each of the proposals we prepare. In addition, we have performed compliance reviews for universities, teams of scientists, and numerous federal contractors. For each review, we rely on a consistent and dependable process that ensures every requirement is identified and addressed.

Need Help with Proposal Compliance?

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