Proposal Review Services

Mypm provides proposal review services during the proposal development life cycle. In addition, we offer post-submission proposal reviews. Our work stregthens the competitiveness of complex government and commercial proposals.

Proposal development is demanding work. Teams spend weeks developing the complete response. They juggle numerous moving parts, work under tight deadlines, and often are constrained by other obligations. After they invest all their energy; however, they remain similarly situated with competitors. They have one opportunity to win.

Proposal Review Services

Consider using an independent review to improve your chances of winning. Our reviewers are experienced writers, strategists, and proposal professionals. We identify areas for improvement, suggest strategies that boost competitiveness, and point to proven practices for improving win rates. We provide the fresh insight that competitive teams demand.

Pre-Submission Proposal Review Services

Our pre-submission proposal review services are narrowly focused and they’re performed on short, time-sensitive schedules. We provide comprehensive red team (quality) reviews. Take a closer look. Select one of our four services to learn more.

Make no mistake, winning is planned. Before you submit that must-win proposal, make plans for a comprehensive review. Let’s discuss timing.

Post-Submission Proposal Review Service

Our post-submission proposal review examines some of your best, previously submitted proposals. These are often longer reviews that identify gaps in proposal development best practices. Here, our review schedule varies depending on the length of material reviewed and the breadth of the review.

Why would you want a post-submission proposal review? It will improve your existing content and perhaps your proposal development processes. Both may increase your future win rates.

Our deliverables include:

  comprehensive written feedback for each proposal reviewed,
  a custom-designed proposal development workflow,
  proposal management templates, and a quality review checklist.

Could your proposal efforts yield better results? Let’s discuss how a post-submission proposal review could improve your probability of winning.