Proposal Services

Our proposal services span the proposal development life cycle. We provide capture planning and management service, long before solicitations are released. There, we begin positioning clients for winning. We also provide solicitation watch services. We identify solicitations based on client-chosen criteria. Then, we read each one and summarize the solicitation content. This service helps our clients make faster first-pass bid decisions. Regarding bid decisions, we implement procedures to improve the decision making process. Our aim is to help clients bid less frequently and improve their win rates. Where clients can benefit by a strategic partnership or joint venture, we assist by developing teaming strategy and performing teaming research.

At proposal development, we generate compliance matrices and annotated proposal outlines. We use these to manage proposal development, or we share the tools so others can jumpstart the work ahead. We develop proposal strategies and find compelling ways to differentiate and package solutions. Our proposal managers lead the way through proposal development. On smaller proposals, they work as a team of one. On larger responses they work with capture managers, proposal coordinators, volume managers, subject matter experts, authors, editors, reviewers, cost strategists, graphic designers, and production specialists. Post-production, where there’s an oral presentation requirement, we design the slide deck and coach speakers on delivering the winning message.

Six Proposal Services

Capture Management

We work with teams to sharpen their focus and position them for winning.

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Proposal Management

We manage the production of federal, state, and commercial proposals.

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Proposal Graphics

For competitive responses, never underestimate the value of proposal graphics.

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Proposal Review

Need help with compliance or an extra set of eyes for a color-coded review?

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Proposal Writing

Our writers pen the one-voice copy for business and government proposals.

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Orals Coaching

Take the stage with confidence and deliver the winning message.

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One Proposal Goal