Software Development Services Procurement

Through software development services procurement, we deliver the programming expertise you need, when you need it. We draft the RFP, solicit the service of reputable development teams and manage the project work. From start to finish, we lead software projects to successful closures.

Custom business applications are expensive and if that’s not enough, they can be risky projects to initiate. Handled properly, they improve business efficencies and provide competitive advantages that no one else has. They can deliver astonishing returns on the investment.

Software Development Services Procurement

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The difference between risk and reward is experience. If your team doesn’t have software experience or the availability to procure and manage the work, contact us. Unlike others, we bring high-value RFP writing and project management experience to the table. Let’s start the conversation.

Consider These 5 Reasons for Outsourcing

1. Constrained Resources

Organizations outsource their procurements for a variety of reasons. Some are simply resource-constrained. They don’t have the capacity to gather requirements, draft an RFP and manage the solicitation process. They acknowledge the value in leaving their staff focused on what they do best.

2. Control Costs

Others outsource procurements to control operational costs. They rely on the process standardization of others to reduce effort and manage risk. They approach procurement outsourcing as a way of improving capabilities and effectiveness.

3. Lack of Subject Matter Expertise

Among organizations that procure their own services, some acquiesce where the process is complex. The same is true where the subject matter is outside their areas of expertise. They know there are competitive advantages to be obtained but they’re not sure they have the expertise to obtain them.

4. Technical Complexity

For the uninitiated, software development services procurement can be a complex undertaking. In the development of the RFP, you’ll need to solicit value instead of price. For the development of custom business applications, it’s imperative.

You’ll also need the subject matter expertise to capture and communicate technical requirements. Likewise, you’ll need to know a little about intellectual property rights.

From there, the questions persist. What testing should be performed and how will you establish the acceptance criteria? Will there be a conversion of data files? Where are the risks associated with the conversion? Will you require documentation? Who will receive the source code?

During the procurement of software development services, there are numerous issues to spot. Some involve the solicitation process and others involve the subject matter.

5. Competitive Advantage

Perhaps the best reason for outsourcing the procurement of software development services is to obtain competitive advantages.

  Procure Value

The nature of custom software is to craft a unique solution. Designed properly, the solution fits like a glove. It provides functions and efficiencies that others don’t have. That’s the competitive advantage that needs culled from the procurement process. For the inexperienced, it’s a difficult RFP to write.

  Boost Margins

Those who do a job are more efficient at it than those who don’t. They’re able to do the work faster, shop more extensively and they’re better able to identify and manage the risks. By reducing supply costs, managing risks and procuring a valuable software product, we provide a positive impact to the bottom line.

  Execute Priorities

The best deal in the world is meaningless when the mark is missed. By managing the procurement and the project to best practice standards and by tying both to the strategic objectives of your business, we ensure the work performed is about executing business priorities. When the focus is on executing priorities, the organization reaches its goals.

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When the software development services procurement must be handled effectively, you can count on our experienced professionals. We utilize a proven approach that relies upon best practice standards.

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