Solutions for Technology Companies

If yours is a technology company looking to offer more services, we have a solution. We make it easy to provide software development services.

Why Software Development?

You’re already there, that’s why. From a client perspective, IT and software development go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you host websites, at some point you’ll be asked about a site redesign. If you install SQL Servers, someone will call on you for SharePoint® configuration and development.

If you provide managed IT services, it’s easy for a conversation regarding custom application development to present itself. The sale of a technology or development solution triggers a demand for the other.

Solutions for IT Companies

Outsourcing Makes Sense

From the client’s perspective, IT and software development belong together like peanut butter and jelly. From an operations perspective; however,  IT and software development have little in common.

For starters, the resources for each possess entirely different skill sets. Software and IT projects are also managed differently. For the uninitiated, managing a custom development project is difficult because the requirements gathering process typically continues throughout the project life cycle.

Because software development and IT require different skills sets,  an investment in an experienced development team is required for success.  The investment isn’t necessary if you’re outsourcing the service.  Experienced contractors can be available when projects ramp up and gone when they wind down. They require no investment because their time is bid into each customer proposal.

Why MyPM

MyPM brings knowledge and experience.  We’re PMP® certified project managers who rely on proven processes for obtaining measurable, repeatable results.  We manage projects that involve:

  configuration and customization of Microsoft SharePoint®
  development of custom business applications
  integration of RFID technology
  website development
  SEO and web marketing
  conversions of legacy applications

We’re not the software development company. We procure the expertise of many professionals from several software development companies. We shop reputation, experience, value and price. This allows us to more quickly ramp up and ramp down. It also provides a more diverse skill set, when needs arise.

We’re not an employment agency. We manage each one of our projects while providing support and feedback to the people working with us.

We’re your project management firm. Our professionals rely on proven processes to produce measurable, repeatable results. In addition, we’re experienced proposal writers. We’ll prepare the draft proposals for your review. If no changes are requested, submit them to clients who seek your software development service.

Interested in Learning More?

MyPM provides no cost solutions that expand your service offerings and increase your revenue.  They’re no cost to you because our work is bid into each customer proposal. Let’s start the conversation.