Project Management Approach

Our project management approach has less to do with Gantt charts, templates, and  scheduling software and more to do with listening, perceiving, and involving others. Please don’t misunderstand us, though. We believe in documentation as much as the next firm. We just don’t believe software, templates, and documents manage projects or drive success. We believe people do.

Custom Solutions

Because no two organizations and no two projects are alike, we spend considerable effort just listening. After we hear and understand, we work with our clients to plan project management solutions that fit.

Project Management Approach

Proven Processes

We rely on the proven processes that are set forth in the American National Standard (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2013) for project management. The processes we’re referring to are the same ones relied upon by project management professionals around the world. They apply, in varying amounts, regardless of the project type. If you’re interested in learning a little more about our project management approach, select a link below.

Our Methodology and Processes


We employ several tools when managing projects to successful closures.

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For producing measurable, repeatable results, we rely upon proven project management processes.

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Why MyPM

Knowledgeable Professionals

All of our projects are planned by PMP® certified professionals. This means our people possess the body of knowledge required to implement best practices in project management.

Flexible Project Management Approach

We’ll work with your team to design and implement a solution that’s tailored to fit the unique needs of your project. We won’t burden your project with a one-size-fits all approach.

Results Oriented

We’re your project management firm. We’re have a vested interest in the results, not the mere delivery of services.

    Dependable Results

    Our project management approach is a proven one and our certified professionals are ready. We can manage your next project, assist with a troubled project, or help stand up an internal project management office.