Knowledgeable Project Managers

The project managers at MyPM have a few things in common. For starters, we all pursue the same mission: we ensure our clients reach their goals. In pursuit of this mission, we work together when delivering our services, we remain transparent and we share ideas.


We all rely upon the same proven processes for producing measurable, repeatable results. We share a body of knowledge found in A Guide to the PM Body of Knowledge: PMBOK Guide (Fifth Edition). By sharing the same body of knowledge, we’re able to speak the same language, share the same resources and support each other in our work efforts.

Our Project Managers


Our project management team has experience managing a variety of project types. To date, our largest practice area involves custom software development. For these projects, we add enormous value.

For custom development projects, we rely on our requirements gathering and RFP writing services to place us at the forefront of each project. These services assist us in defining scope and they provide our clients with the ability to shop value. Where the software investment is substantial, this really matters.

When it comes to all of the projects we manage, you’ll find our project management approach isn’t a novel one, by any means. It’s a dependable, process-driven approach that’s informed by best practice standards.


Lastly, you can count on every one of our project managers for a friendly smile and a warm handshake. You can count on them also to work in partnership with your team and to provide the transparency that we’ll both need for success. Without a doubt, we value soft skills immensely.

Why MyPM

MyPM is distinguishable from a temporary staffing agency. Our project managers receive the oversight, feedback and support they need to be successful. In addition, they receive access to common tools and a common support system for implementing best practices.

As a project management firm, our focus is the delivery of results. We specialize in designing and implementing solutions that fit the variety of clients we serve, in the various locations they exist.

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