Win Theme Development Worksheet

What Is a Proposal Win Theme?

A proposal win theme is an underlying message that runs throughout the proposal. It’s a customer-centric communication regarding your proposed solution.

Effective win themes don’t just communicate the solution; however. They become compelling by relating the discriminating features, benefits and the corresponding proof points. They address customer concerns.

Often, organizations spend considerable effort drafting and refining proposal win themes. Done properly, the time spent is justified because win themes sell the value of the solution. They enable the customer to see beyond price.

Win theme development can be challenging work. There are numerous parts and each part must focus on the customer. To ensure effectiveness, teams rely on a methodical approach to help generate the information they’ll need.

The worksheet below provides a methodology for developing compelling proposal win themes. It guides the user through a series of questions and prompts development of the first win theme draft. It also offers a place to record all future revisions.

Win Theme Development Worksheet

Who Completes the Win Theme Development Worksheet?

The win theme development worksheet will likely contain information provided by a member of the capture or business development team. The wording and final drafts; however, become the responsibility of a proposal writer.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to completing the win theme development worksheet include the solicitation and information gathered by the capture team. Additional input is collected from those having knowledge of the customer, the potential competitors and the proposed solution.

How Is It Used?

The win theme development worksheet helps organizations propose compelling solutions. It prompts the user to answer customer-focused questions. Having all the right information in one place, the user is better prepared to write the first draft.

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