Timesheet Template

What Is a Timesheet Template?

A timesheet template is a form used for tracking the amount of time individuals work. In this case, the individuals we’re referring to are members of the project team.

Throughout the project life cycle, project managers track numerous pieces of information. On occasion, that includes capturing the amount of time worked. This is especially true where the cost of labor is deducted from the project budget.

If you find yourself needing to track time worked, and there isn’t a system already in place, consider using the timesheet template below. It captures the amount of regular hours worked and the amount of overtime worked. In addition, it tracks sick time and vacation time.

Timesheet Template

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Who Creates the Timesheet Template?

Timesheets are maintained by each person who is responsible for reporting their time. In some organizations, workers enter the data manually. In others, it’s entered online.

What Are the Inputs?

The inputs to a timesheet included entering information about the work performed. For the template below, the user enters the dates service is performed, the start times and the stop times.

How Is It used?

The timesheet is used to track the total amount of time that a person performs project work. If task descriptions are included on the timesheet, it becomes a more useful tool. In that case, it can also be used to provide historical data. For example, we can look back to see how long it took to accomplish a specific task or how long it took to complete a certain project phase. Besides providing useful information for monitoring the health of the project, the data can be used for future schedule and cost estimating activities.

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