Stakeholder Management Plan Template

What Is a Stakeholder Management Plan?

The stakeholder management plan is a subsidiary plan of the project management plan. Its purpose is to define the requirements, processes, and techniques for engaging stakeholders based on an analysis of their needs, interests, and abilities to impact the project.

The stakeholder management plan includes strategies for managing both positive and negative project stakeholders. It contains a stakeholder register which lists all stakeholders along with their contact information. In addition, it contains a stakeholder analysis document that seeks to uncover important information regarding stakeholder needs.

Because no two stakeholders are alike, the attention each one receives may vary. The stakeholder management plan is used for determining the types and amounts of communications each stakeholder should receive. The analysis section is also good for spotting risks that should be addressed in the risk management plan.

Stakeholder Management Plan Template

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Who Creates It?

Like all of the project planning documents, the stakeholder management plan is created by the project manager. Input and feedback may be obtained from the project sponsor and other project stakeholders.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to the Stakeholder Management Plan include, among other things: the stakeholder register and analysis documents, the project management plan including its subsidiary plans, the change management plan, lessons learned, meetings and expert judgement. Organizational structure and existing policy and laws may also provide insight for creating the Stakeholder Management Plan.

How Is It Used?

The stakeholder management plan is used for identifying the engagement needs of the stakeholders and planning the engagement activities. It’s also used for developing strategies to reduce or eliminate resistance and increase support and buy-in. Because it generates activities, it becomes an input to other subsidiary management plans.

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