Short Project Status Report Template

What Is a Short Project Status Report?

A project status report is a document that provides information regarding the health of a project it. It speaks to matters like schedule, risk, budget, scope, quality, human resources, communications and procurements.

Compared to an in-depth report of the project health, a short project status report seeks to capture only the “news you can use.” It highlights important project information and avoids in-depth analysis.

Status reports are most effective when they are published regularly and frequently. Their publication comprises one of the more important project communications. Project status reports are a part of the project communications plan; a subsidiary plan of the project management plan.

We really like this template below because it’s color-coded which permits a busy professional to glance at it and tell whether or not the project is having problems. Simply right click on a color to change the selection.

Short Project Status Report Template

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Who Creates the Short Project Status Report?

The project manager creates and distributes the project status report.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to the project management status report include the documents generated during the monitoring and controlling process.

How Is It Used?

A project status report is used to keep people informed of the project health. It’s best used when published to the sponsor, project team members and other stakeholders on a regular and frequent basis. Frequent and regular status reporting enables early detection of problems and provides for the swift implementation of corrective measures.

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