Scope Statement Template

What Is a Scope Statement?

The project scope statement is a description of what the project entails. It sets forth the sum of the products, services and results that will be provided. It includes a description of the major deliverables, the assumptions and the constraints.

The scope statement also states the objectives of the project. It describes the business needs. It sets forth how the project will meet those needs

The scope statement lists the benefits of the project and it even describes what the project doesn’t include. It lists what must happen for the project to be considered successful and it states the acceptance requirements. Lastly, it provides the estimated schedule, the required resources and estimated costs to complete the project

The project scope statement is a comprehensive, written description of the project. A person who isn’t familiar with the project should be able to read the scope statement and understand precisely what the project entails and what it does not. They should know why it was initiated, when it might be complete and how much it will cost.

Scope Statement Template

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Who Develops the Scope Statement?

Depending on the the project type and the organization, the scope statement may already exist before the project manager is selected. If so, it can be found in the project charter. That being said, it may need developed further by the project manager. Where there is no project scope statement, it’s the responsibility of the project manager to develop one.

What Are the Inputs?

The inputs to developing the scope statement may include the project charter, the scope management plan, all requirements documentation and organizational process assets.

How Is It Used?

The project scope statement is used to define the project. It’s an input to creating the WBS and it’s useful in evaluating whether or not to initiate a project. Once the scope statement becomes approved, the approved version is an important part of the scope baseline. Other parts of the scope baseline include the WBS and the WBS dictionary.

Because the approved project scope statement becomes a part of the scope baseline, it’s an essential tool for monitoring and controlling scope and controlling change.

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