Schedule Management Plan

What Is a Schedule Management Plan Template?

A schedule management plan template simply provides a consistent format for establishing the policies and procedures used to develop, execute, monitor and control the project schedule. The actual plan itself is a subsidiary plan or a component of the project management plan. It provides answers to essential questions concerning time.

When will the project begin? When will it end? What work will be performed first? What happens if we fall behind schedule? The answers to each of these questions can be found in the schedule management plan.

Though the project schedule is developed during the initial planning phases, mere development doesn’t leave the schedule set in stone. The project schedule is managed throughout the life of the project and the schedule management plan explains how that will happen.

Schedule Management Plan Template

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Who Creates the Schedule Management Plan?

The schedule management plan is created by the project manager with input from various project stakeholders.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to developing the schedule management plan include the project management plan, the project charter, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

How Is It Used?

As mentioned above, the schedule management plan is a tool used for planning, monitoring and controlling the project schedule. It’s the roadmap for moving a project from initial project work to completion.

The free template below addresses topics like roles and responsibilities, the scheduling method, schedule processes and schedule reporting. It’s entirely editable, so modify to suit your needs.

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