Resource Breakdown Structure Template

What Is a Resource Breakdown Structure?

The resource breakdown structure (RBS) is a project management document that provides a hierarchical breakdown of resources by category and type. For the purposes of this template, resources include human resources, equipment and supplies.

The resource breakdown structure presents all resources that will be relied upon to complete the project except financial resources. It captures those people, equipment and supplies that represent a cost to completing the project.

In format, the RBS is quite similar to the work breakdown structure. The template below sets forth the identifying RBS number, the resource category or type and the quantity needed. This template also provides a section for notes.

Who Creates the Resource Breakdown Structure?

The project manager is the person responsible for creating the resource breakdown structure. Most likely, he or she will gather input from others on the project team.

Resource Breakdown Structure Template

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What Are the Inputs?

When we create a resource breakdown structure, we estimate the resources required for each activity. With this in mind, we gather input from the activity list, schedule management plan, resource calendars, risk register, activity cost estimates, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

How Is It Used?

Estimating the cost of a project is an important planning step. It’s here that the RBS is most useful. With the WBS, we plan what work needs accomplished to complete the project. With the RBS, we plan all the resources we need to perform that work.

Because the RBS lists all resources that represent a cost to the project, it provides the basis for establishing project cost. The resource breakdown structure is also an input to estimating activity durations and developing the project schedule.

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