Release Human Resources Template

What Is a Release Human Resources Template?

A release human resources template is a project management template. It’s used to formally release human resources from a project. Most often, it’s used when a phase or a project is closing.

Note that the release human resources template isn’t used on all projects. It’s only used when the human resources for the project come from within the performing organization. More specifically, it’s used when those resources are shared.

An example of its use includes a project in the accounting department that requires the services of software development professional from the IT department. Once the software development part of the project is complete, the project manager formally released the developer from the project. Notice of the release is provided to the supervisor of the IT department so that he or she can begin scheduling the developer, once again, for normal work activities in the IT department.

Who Prepares the Release Human Resources Template?

Release Human Resources Template

The release human resources template is filled out and executed by the project manager. Thereafter, he or she presents it to the supervisor of the person who is being released from project work.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to completing the template might include information found within the human resources management plan. Additionally, inputs may include organizational process assets.

How Is It Used?

The release human resources template is used to release a person from project work. The project manager completes and signs the template then delivers it to the supervisor of the person being released. Notice of the release allows the supervisor to once again begin scheduling the resource for his or her normal work activities.

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