Phase Acceptance Template

What Is Phase Acceptance?

A project phase is a grouping of related project activities that, when complete, make up a deliverable or deliverables. For example, in a construction project, the following might be categorized as project phases: footer, framing, plumbing, electricity and so on.

Phase acceptance is a formal procedure whereby the phase deliverables are reviewed and validated as having met the previously agreed upon acceptance criteria. Where all deliverables meet the acceptance criteria, the phase is accepted.

Acknowledgement of phase acceptance is often formal. Typically, it’s accompanied by the execution of a phase acceptance document.

Who Prepares the Phase Acceptance Form?

The project manager completes the phase acceptance document and presents it and the deliverables to the person responsible for validating whether or not the acceptance criteria are met.

Phase Acceptance Template

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to generating the phase acceptance document include the WBS and the WBS dictionary. Inputs might also include a deliverables list, organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors.

How Is It Used?

When the deliverables are complete, they’re presented for validation. In other words, they’re reviewed to determine whether they meet the formal acceptance criteria. When all deliverables have been validated, the phase acceptance document is signed by the person who validated the deliverables.

Once a phase is formally accepted, the project manager can finalize all activities across the project management process groups to formally close that phase.

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