Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

What Is a Kickoff Meeting Agenda?

Typically, a kickoff meeting is the first meeting between the project manager, the project team, the project sponsor, the client, and perhaps other stakeholders. It marks the official start of the project. The agenda is simply a list of topics that will be addressed in the meeting.

Since the kickoff meeting marks the start of the project, it isn’t held until the project manager receives authorization to begin. He or she needs authority to apply organizational resources to the project.

Depending on the organization, the authorization may come from a signed project charter, a signed contract or other documentation that specifies known details regarding the project. In some organizations, the process is far more informal.

Once the project charter is approved, the project manager begins preliminary project planning. He or she uses the kickoff meeting to share the preliminary project management plan.

The kickoff meeting also provides an opportunity for the project team and others to meet and be introduced. Most importantly, it provides the project manager with an opportunity to generate enthusiasm for the project.

Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

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Who Creates the Kickoff Meeting Agenda?

The kickoff meeting agenda is created by the project manager.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to creating the kickoff meeting agenda include the project charter or contract, the preliminary project management plan, and organizational process assets.

How Is It Used?

Before the project meeting, the agenda is distributed to those who will attend. It is the road map for the topics that will be discussed. After the meeting, the agenda is used to inform preparation of the meeting minutes.

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