Issue Log Template

What Is an Issue Log?

An issue is a matter in question or dispute or one that is not settled. It can also be an obstacle or problem and there may or may not be opposing views or disagreements regarding it. An issue log is a place to log all issues and track the status of each one.

Most projects will encounter a few snags along the way. Left unattended, these snags expose the project to risk; hence, the issue log is a part of the risk management plan.

This issue log template captures the issue number, the date, the name of the person that reported the issue, the proposed resolution, the name of the person who approved the resolution, the name of the person the issue is assigned to, and the status of the issue.

Who Creates the Issue Log?

An issue log is created by the project manager.

What Are the Inputs?

Typically, the execution process and the monitoring and controlling processes create inputs for the issue log.

Issue Log Template

How Is It Used?

An issue log is used to track all issues. It captures the issue, the proposed resolution, the assignment and the status of the issue. Once logged, an issue can be shared with the project team and key stakeholders and assigned for resolution. Proactive issue management improves the likelihood of strong project performance.

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