Expense Report Template

What Is an Expense Report Template?

A project expense report is a log of expenditures that are incurred while performing project work. A person tracks expenses when they are reimbursable.

Expense reports can be produced weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, depending on accounting preferences. In addition to tracking which costs must be reimbursed; the report provides employers with a way to track tax deductible business expenses.

What Does It Track?

The expense report below is a simple one that’s easy to use. It tracks both travel and non-travel expenses.

Who Creates the Expense Report?

Expense reports are created by those who incur reimbursable expenses on behalf of the project. An example includes a project manager who travels to another city to meet with a client. During the travel, he or she may pay for airfare or hotel costs with their personal funds.

Expense Report Template

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What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to a project expense report include the date an expense is incurred, a description of the expenses and the actual cost.

How Is It Used?

Typically, when a project team member incurs an approved cost that is attributable to the project, he or she saves the receipt and logs the item on the expense report. At set intervals, and depending on accounting preferences, the receipts and the expense report is submitted for approval and reimbursement.

The report below makes calculating the total costs a little easier. Simply enter the costs and the spreadsheet will total them for you.

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