Compliance Matrix Template

What Is a Compliance Matrix?

A compliance matrix or compliance traceability matrix is a valuable cross-referencing tool used in proposal development. It assists proposal managers by helping them ensure the proposal is written in compliance with the request for proposal (RFP.) It’s an important document because developing a compliant proposal is the critical first step towards winning the bid.

To create one, begin with a thorough reading of the RFP. Starting from the beginning and, in a sequential fashion, each time a proposal requirement is identified, list it on the matrix. The compliance matrix should capture the requirement, the location of the requirement in the RFP, and the location in the proposal where the corresponding response appears.

At the start of writing, the compliance matrix informs the layout of the proposal outline. After the proposal is complete, it becomes a proofing tool. The matrix is used to double check that every RFP requirement found its way into the proposal.

The compliance matrix template below provides a bit of additional functionality as well. It doubles as a status tracking tool because it captures the name of the person to whom the writing was assigned and the status of the writing.

Compliance Matrix Template

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Who Creates the Compliance Matrix?

The compliance traceability matrix is created by the proposal manager. It could be created or reviewed by any number of people on the proposal team but ultimately, the document is owned by the proposal manager. It’s his or her duty to ensure the proposal is compliant with the RFP instructions.

What Are the Inputs?

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is the input to creating the compliance matrix.

How Is It Used?

The compliance matrix is used to prove that the proposal complies with the requirements found in the RFP. Every requirement found in the RFP is listed on the compliance matrix. Alongside each requirement, the location of the proposed response is noted.

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