Change Request Log Template

What Is a Change Request Log?

A change request log is a document that’s used to record all change requests that are received during the life of a project. As each change request is received, it becomes logged before it is sized and sent for approval, deferment, or rejection.

Besides providing a place to track every change request received, the change request log is useful for tracing the request from
from approval or rejection through implementation and acceptance. The template below also captures the name of the requestor and, if approved, the implementation due date.

By monitoring the status of every change request received, the project manager is better able to control the project scope, budget, schedule, and quality requirements. At a single glance, he or she can see the status of each request.

Timely disposition of every change request is important for the health of a project. The change request log is an important tool for meeting these objectives.

Change Request Log Template

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Who Creates the Change Request Log?

Although change requests are received by others, the change request log is created and maintained by the project manager.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to the change request log include every documented change request, regardless of whether it was approved.

How Is It Used?

The change request log is a tracking tool. It is used to track all formally documented requests for change.

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