Assumption Log Template

What Is an Assumption Log?

An assumption is a factor that is considered to be true for planning purposes; however, it has not been proven or demonstrated. An assumption log is simply a place to log all assumptions and track the validation of each one.

We make project assumptions out of necessity. They allow us to continue forward with planning without checking the validity of every single fact. If we weren’t able to make assumptions, it would be difficult to make any progress with planning.

Capturing the assumption is only part of the work. Next, we must verify whether or not the assumptions are true. If we made an assumption during planning that is correct, there is nothing further to do. If we made an assumption that is incorrect, it’s likely that the project plans will need updated.

Left unverified, assumptions pose risk to the project; hence, the assumptions log is part of the risk management plan.

Assumption Log Template

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Who Creates the Assumption Log?

An assumption log is created by the project manager.

What Are the Inputs?

Typically, all initiation and planning documents are inputs to creating and maintaining an assumption log. Where risks are identified, assumptions are made. Where schedule is planned, assumptions are made.

How Is It Used?

Inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete assumptions can create project risk. An assumption log is used to track all assumptions and explore their validity.

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