Activity List Template

What Is an Activity List Template?

An activity list is a list of all schedule activities that are required on a project. That doesn’t really explain much though; does it?

Activities are the portions of work that must be performed to complete the project. They are the items that become sequenced for scheduling. They become estimated for budgeting.

The activity list is simply a place to log all of the activities. The list presents the activity number or identifier, the name of the activity, and a detailed description of the activity. The description should sufficiently describe the scope of work so that all project team members can understand exactly what must be performed. It also tracks the person(s) responsible for performing the work.

So where does it belong in the big picture? Typically, there are multiple activities in a work package, multiple work packages in a phase and multiple phases in a project.

Activities are the very smallest units of work. When decomposing items into activities, the best practice is to involve the team members who will be performing the project work.

Activity List Template

Who Creates the Activity List?

The project manager creates the activity list with input from the project team members.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to the Activity List include the scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

How Is It Used?

This Activity List template is used for decomposing work packages to specific, well-defined tasks. Once the activities are listed and defined, they can be used to provide a basis for estimating, scheduling, executing, and monitoring and controlling the project work.

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