Activity Attributes Template

What Is an Activity Attributes Template?

Activity attributes are merely the smaller elements or components that define or describe the schedule activities. Examples of activity attributes include: the activity code that’s assigned to it, the activity name, the activity description, the place where the activity must or will be performed, the activity type, assumptions about the activity, constraints, resource requirements, predecessors, successors, logical relationships, and leads and lags.

What’s their place in the larger picture? The WBS contains multiple work packages. In each work package, there are one or more activities. Each activity has attributes.

Activity attributes are captured because they assist us in scheduling the project and planning it. For example, when the attributes are captured, we know what activities must happen before the one in question and we know who will perform it.

Depending on how the project is managed, activity attributes can be entered directly into a scheduling application like Microsoft® Project® or they can be captured manually on a form like one provided below.

Activity Attributes Template

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Your free Activity Attributes template is provided below.

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Who Creates the Activity Attributes Template?

Activity attributes documentation is created by the project manager.

What Are the Inputs?

The activity list is an input to the activity attributes. Likewise, the scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets are also inputs.

How Is It Used?

The completed activity attributes template is used to develop the project schedule and assist in planning the project.

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