U.S. Flag Themed Capabilities Statement Template V2.0


This U.S. flag themed Capabilities Statement template v2.0 is a fully editable, word processing document. It’s designed for U.S. contractors. No special image editing software is required to customize it. Because it is fully editable, it can be modified to fit any industry.

This U.S. flag themed Capabilities Statement template v2.0 requires minimal editing. Just add a logo and edit the existing text.

Since it’s fully editable in both LibreOffice Writer and Microsoft Word, it can be altered to fit any U.S business or any industry. Simply add custom text and a logo.

Why Businesses Prefer Our Capabilities Statement Templates

  • Since 2011, MyPM supports U.S. Federal contractors that win. Without a doubt, our Capabilities Statement templates are developed in alignment with widely recognized good practices. Because they support the needs of U.S. Federal contractors, they also support contractors seeking state, local government, and commercial business opportunities.
  • Our templates can be opened and edited in LibreOffice Writer (an open-source technology) and Microsoft Word. They are easy to edit because photo editing software is not required.
  • Since our founding in 2011, over 750,000 people have downloaded our templates or accessed our digital resources. MyPM remains a leading source for trustworthy business templates.
  • You probably won’t need help editing this Capabilities Statement template, but if you do, support is available. See below.

Can I Hire MyPM to Prepare This Template for Me?

Yes. For an additional $50.00, we will perform one edit of this template for you. Our work will include:

    • inserting your logo or removing the “logo here” language,
    • editing the existing text to include the information you provide,
    • replacing the existing photo with one you provide, if desired, and
    • changing the color scheme of the existing graphic elements, if desired.

At this price point, our work does not include:

    • expanding the Capabilities Statement to additional pages, or
    • performing multiple revisions.

If you would like our support, send an email to info@mypmllc.com and request the work. We will issue an invoice, and begin work on receipt of payment.

How Do I Prepare this Capabilities Statement?

  1. Download the Template. Purchase this template. After checkout, download it.
  2. Open the Template. Our Capabilities Statement Templates can be opened and edited in LibreOffice Writer and Microsoft Word.
  3. Edit the Template. Because our templates are developed in a word processing technology, it’s easier for a person with average word processing skills to draft a compelling and professional looking Capabilities Statement. The layout is already in place. If you aren’t sure how to make a change, just perform an internet search. There’s an abundance of easy-to-follow videos about editing a word processing document.
  4. Save the Template. After you edit the template, we suggest saving it in a word processing format and in PDF format. Save the word processing version for future edits. Use the PDF version of your Capabilities Statement for printing, emailing, and uploading to your website.

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