The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates


The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates contains our complete set of project management templates. It is a 255 page e-book containing 86 templates regarding the management of: scope, requirements, schedule, cost, quality, resource, communications, risk, procurement, stakeholder, change, and configuration. The book is authored by Kimberlin R. Wildman, JD, PMP. It’s fully editable and ready for use on your project.

Complete Set of Project Management Templates

The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates is a 255 page e-book containing 86 templates. Our e-book is a comprehensive collection of templates that are arranged to expedite development of effective project management plans. We think you will appreciate it because it supports planning and management, from project initiation to project closure.

Here’s What to Expect

We provide a few pages from our e-book via the thumbnail images, below. Select the thumbnail images to view each page.

We include the 3-page table of contents so you can see what templates are included. It lists the project management plan template, 12 subsidiary management plan templates, and 73 project document templates. We also include a few other templates to illustrate the type of content and construction you can expect.

To support tailoring for your project, all templates are editable. (E.g., users can insert corporate and project branding elements; add, edit, or delete tables; change fill colors; edit document titles; edit text; insert graphics; attach supporting documentation; and more.)

Why Our Project Management Templates Are Preferred

Since 2011, MyPM remains a leading source for project management templates. Our templates have been viewed and downloaded over 750,000 times. They are used as instructional material in numerous colleges and universities, and they are utilized by project leaders around the world.

  • Experienced, certified author. Our templates are developed by an experienced, PMP certified Project Manager who has received numerous points of feedback and implemented improvements over time. Our templates are a well-considered resource.
  • Align with widely recognized good practices. Our templates are developed in alignment with widely recognized good practices in project management. They support practices recognized by project management professionals around the world.
  • Consistently constructed. Our complete set of project management templates are consistently constructed. They feature editable text with tables in light, grayscale headings. Their uniform construction creates a professional appearance that is easy to navigate.
  • Ready to use. We present this e-book in an editable, open source (.ODT) format. This means it can be opened, edited, and saved in both Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer technologies. Once downloaded, we suggest saving a copy for your records. Then, duplicate your copy and begin tailoring it to fit your needs.This practice will preserve your original templates.

Who Uses This E-Book

  • Project Managers. The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates is an excellent resource for anyone managing a project. Because this collection of templates is designed to support project managers from project initiation to project closure, they help eliminate planning gaps that occur when leveraging templates from multiple sources.
  • Project Management Offices. This e-book also supports those who stand up or support Project Management Offices. Because the templates are easily customized and branded, they lend a uniform appearance to all projects undertaken by an organization.
  • Educators and Students. The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates is an excellent educational resource, particularly when working through project management standards. The templates synthesize process information and display it in a hands-on, easy-to-digest format.

Make Work Easier

Don’t cobble together your project management plans from some templates you’ve used in the past and others you have picked up along the way. Besides lacking consistent format and styling, a hodge-podge assortment of templates may cause gaps in your project planning.

Our e-book, The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates, provides consistently prepared project plans and documents. It is designed to support project managers throughout the project life cycle. Get your e-book and make work easier. We know you will agree. It’s a valuable resource.

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