Scope Statement Template


This two-page Scope Statement template defines the boundaries of the project by describing the work which must be performed. It supports project scope management.

This Scope Statement template is used to develop an important document that defines the boundaries of the project. It does so by describing the project work which must be performed. Don’t confuse the scope statement with the scope baseline. The scope statement is one part of the scope baseline.

Specifically, our Scope Statement template:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • provides sections for listing the business need(s), project objectives, and a narrative of project description and how it meets the business need(s);
  • includes sections for listing the project benefits, project requirements, and project deliverables;
  • includes sections for listing what the project does not include along with the success or acceptance criteria;
  • provides a section for approving, approving with modifications, deferring, or rejecting the scope statement;
  • provides prompts to insert the required modifications or provide additional comments; and
  • includes a section for capturing approval of the scope statement.

Who Creates the Scope Statement?

 Typically, the Project Manager develops the project scope statement. Of course, doing so accounts for the input of various project team members, other stakeholders, and the project sponsor.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to the development of the Scope Statement, include the project charter, any relevant contract, the requirement list, deliverables list, and the business case.

Make Work Easier

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