Schedule Network Diagram Template


This one-page Schedule Network Diagram template illustrates the sequence of project activities and their relationships to one another. This template presents the “diagram” in table format which makes it easy to expand. It supports project schedule management.

From the start of the project to completion, the Schedule Network Diagram illustrates the sequence of project activities and their relationships to one another. It is a visual diagram of the project activities moving through time.

This template DOES NOT create that visual representation. Instead, it captures the information you need to prepare a Schedule Network Diagram. It veers from that visual approach because it is developed in table format. We selected a table format for this template because it converts well in multiple word processing technologies and it easily expands to support a wide range of project sizes. Specifically, this template:

• begins with a section that captures relevant project information,
• provides for listing and assigning identification numbers to every project activity, and
• prompts the Project Manager to record scheduling details regarding the activities. For example, in table format, this template provides sections to document early start, activity duration, early finish, late start, late finish, and slack.

So, it captures the information you need to create the Schedule Network Diagram, as a visual or graphic representation of the project schedule.

Who Creates the Schedule Network Diagram?

Typically, the Project Manager develops the Schedule Network Diagram with input of various project team members, other stakeholders, and the project sponsor.

What Are the Inputs?

There are numerous inputs to the development of a Schedule Network Diagram, including the schedule management plan and the schedule baseline.

Make Work Easier

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