Risk Statement Template


This Risk Statement template is developed by a PMP certified project manager. It can be opened, edited, and saved in Microsoft Word and LibreOffice technologies. For this reason, it is fully editable and ready for use on your project.


A Risk Statement template is a project document that describes the event or condition that is identified as the risk. Next, it describes the impact or consequence that will result if the risk occurs.

This template is developed to support a wide range of project types and sizes. Specifically, it:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • provides a section to describe the event or condition that could occur (the perceived risk); and
  • it provides a section to describe the specific impact or consequence that will result if the event or condition occurs.

Who Creates the Risk Statement?

Typically, the person who identifies a risk should prepare the risk statement.

What Are the Inputs?

The inputs to preparing a risk statement may include the project management plan, historical information, expert judgement, and experience.

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