Project Charter Template


This five-page Project Charter Template documents authority to begin the project and provides the Project Manager with authority to apply resources to project activities.

From a high level perspective, this Project Charter template documents authority to begin the project. It also provides the Project Manager with authority to apply resources to project activities.  (E.g., begin project planning) More specifically, it:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • includes sections for an executive summary and a description of the project purpose;
  • contains a section to identify strategic objectives and to describe how the project supports the objectives;
  • includes sections for a detailed project description, a list of project requirements, a scope statement, and a deliverables list;
  • includes sections to estimate schedule, budget, human resource requirements, and procurement needs;
  • provides for risk identification and high-level analysis;
  • includes sections to list project completion criteria, define project success, record assumptions, document constraints, and to identify alternatives to undertaking the project;
  • it provides a place to identify project stakeholders and assign a Project Manager; and
  • it includes a section for approving the project and authorizing the start of project planning.

Who Drafts the Project Charter?

 Typically, a project initiator or project sponsor drafts the Project Charter. They may do so with input of potential stakeholders and the Project Manager, who is or will be assigned to the project.

What Are the Inputs?

There are numerous inputs to developing a Project Charter, including the project statement of work, the business case, any purchase contract or agreement, information regarding human resource availability, availability of financial resources, industry standards, marketplace conditions, and more.

Make Work Easier

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