Project Acceptance Form Template


This two-page Project Acceptance Form template captures acceptance of the completed project and secures permission to perform closing activities and release the project team.

This Project Acceptance Form template is designed to capture acceptance of the completed project. It also secures permission to perform closing activities and release the project team. Specifically, it:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • states the purpose of the form and includes a section for attaching all phase acceptance documents;
  • includes sections to acknowledge that evaluations, training, and transitions are complete; and
  • provides a section to authorize the start of project closing activities and release of the project team.

In short, this Project Acceptance Form template supports dependable and effective project management practices.

Who Secures Project Acceptance?

Typically, the Project Manager is responsible to secure project acceptance. Of course, doing so often accounts for the input of other project stakeholders.

What Are the Inputs?

There are numerous inputs to the development of a Project Acceptance Form, including the purchase contract, if relevant, the project management plan, the deliverables list, government or industry standards, legal requirements, organizational culture, and organizational management practices.

Make Work Easier

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