Phase Acceptance Form Template


This one-page Phase Acceptance Form template captures formal phase acceptance and written permission to begin work on the next project phase. Where there are gated reviews, it is used at the completion of each project phase.

This Phase Acceptance Form template is designed to capture acceptance of a project phase. It also secures formal permission to begin work on the next project phase.

Specifically, this template:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • prompts the Project Manager to secure sign off on each phase deliverable;
  • includes sections for listing the deliverables, including the acceptance criteria, and identifying the validation methods; and
  • provides a section for authorizing phase closing activities and the start of the next phase of the project.

In short, our Phase Acceptance Form template supports dependable and effective project management practices.

Who Secures Phase Acceptance?

Typically, the Project Manager has primary responsibility for securing phase acceptance. Of course, doing so often accounts for the input of other project stakeholders. Ultimately, it is the Project Manager’s responsibility to consider all relevant factors that may affect the project and tailor the template accordingly.

What Are the Inputs?

There are numerous inputs to the development of a Phase Acceptance Form, including the purchase contract (if relevant), the project management plan, the deliverables list, government or industry standards, legal requirements, organizational culture and management practices, and more.

Make Work Easier

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