Lessons Learned Template


This one-page Lessons Learned template captures knowledge gained throughout the project life cycle. Its purpose is to support improvement on the current and subsequent projects.

This Lessons Learned template is designed to capture knowledge gained throughout the project life cycle. Its purpose is to support project managers and project teams in gaining improved results. As a well-considered project document, it:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information,
  • provides for capturing the WBS ID from which the lesson emerged,
  • prompts the Project Manager to state the success or problem and describe contributing factors,
  • includes a section for describing the impact to the project,
  • prompts the Project Manager to categorize the success or problem,
  • provides a section to record the lesson learned and identify how the problem could be prevented in the future, and
  • if relevant, prompts the Project Manager to indicate what must happen to ensure the success occurs again.

Our Lessons Learned template supports dependable and effective project management practices. Try it on a few projects. We know you’ll find it useful.

Who Documents the Lessons Learned?

 Typically, the Project Manager has primary responsibility for documenting lessons learned. Of course, doing so accounts for the input of various project team members, other stakeholders, and the project sponsor.

What is the Value?

Lessons Learned are an important input to continuous improvement. By reviewing relevant Lessons Learned documents before project planning, we are better positioned to avoid repeating past problems. Likewise, we are prepared to repeat prior successes.


Make Work Easier

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