Human Resource Availability Calendar Template


This simple, one-page Human Resource Availability Calendar template documents availability of 6-7 project team members for one month. It supports project resource management.

This Human Resource Availability Calendar template is a project document. It identifies when members of the project team are available to perform project work. Specifically, it:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • includes a section to provide names and titles of 6-7 individuals; and
  • on a daily basis, provides space to identify whether each human resource is available for work, on vacation, out sick, or on personal leave.

Who Creates the Human Resource Availability Calendar?

Typically, the Project Manager is responsible for identifying human resource availability.

What Are the Inputs?

The inputs to the Human Resource Availability Calendar include work availability information provided by members of the project team who will be scheduled to perform project work.

Make Work Easier

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