Cost Baseline Template


This one-page Cost Baseline template is developed by a PMP certified project manager. It provides a table that is completed for each project activity. This makes it expandable to fit any project size. It’s fully editable and ready for use on your project.


This Cost Baseline template documents the approved project budget and how it will be consumed throughout the project life cycle. At any point in time, it is compared to actual costs incurred to determine the cost performance.

This template is developed to support a wide range of project types and sizes. Specifically, it:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information,
  • provides for capturing activity and task identification information,
  • provides a section for recording information about each task, (E.g., it provides sections to document the estimated start date, estimated completion date, unit estimate, total cost estimate, contingency reserve, and subtotals) and
  • it provides a section to total the costs of tasks to calculate activity cost.

Who Creates the Cost Baseline?

The Project Manager is responsible for generating the cost baseline. Doing so accounts for the input of various project team members, other stakeholders, and the project sponsor.

What Are the Inputs?

There are numerous inputs to developing the Cost Baseline, including the cost management plan, the work breakdown structure, and the cost breakdown structure.


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