Configuration Management Plan Template


This six-page Configuration Management Plan template helps to identify configuration items; document their baselines; define processes for labelling, storing, and safeguarding configuration items; and describe the processes for configuration status accounting and reporting. It supports development of an effective subsidiary management plan.

This Configuration Management Plan template supports development of a subsidiary management plan that becomes a part of the Project Management Plan. This template is developed to support a wide range of project types and sizes. It identifies configuration items and defines how they will be accounted for, verified, reported, and changed. Specifically, this template:

  • begins with a section that captures relevant project information;
  • provides for the identification of project roles and responsibilities, as they pertain to project configuration management;
  • prompts the Project Manager to identify configuration items and specify the location of baselines descriptions and documentation;
  • describes how configuration items are labelled, stored, and safeguarded;
  • includes a section for prescribing configuration status accounting and reporting processes;
  • specifies details regarding configuration audits, and it identifies the change control process;
  • includes sections for capturing assumptions, issues, and risks that are identified while planning configuration management;
  • includes a section for including relevant project documents for approval; and
  • includes a section for configuration management plan approval.

Who Creates the Configuration Management Plan?

 Typically, the Project Manager develops the Configuration Management Plan with input from various project team members, other stakeholders, and the project sponsor.

What Are the Inputs?

Inputs to the development of a Configuration Management Plan include the project management plan and may include input from project stakeholders.

Make Work Easier

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