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o your renewable energy proposals win new business? If so, now is the time to ramp up your proposal development efforts.

If they don’t, consider working with the  professionals at MyPM. We’re prepared to lead the way in proposal development.

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Need Better Proposals?

If your federal or state proposals are not winning, there is surely room for improvement. We offer the following services to help you improve your proposal win rate.

Bid Review.  Are you bidding on the right opportunities? We’ll examine your bid criteria and help you implement a consistent approach to bidding less, spending less, and improving your win-rate.

Post-Submission Review. We’ll review one of your existing proposals and provide comprehensive written feedback. Were you responsive to the evaluation criteria? Could your content be more compelling? We’ll provide the feedback you need for improving your future renewable energy proposals.

Online Review. Are there problems with your online presence? We’ll examine it and provide a written report along with suggestions for improvement.

Competitive Analysis. Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What do their proposals look like and how do you obtain copies of them? We’ll point you in the right direction.

Internal Analysis. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your organization? Are you writing to your strengths, identifying your weaknesses, and filling the gaps? We’ll work with you to perform that analysis.

You can count on our proposal managers to significantly improve the quality of your competitive responses. On average, our professionals bring over twenty years’ experience in the proposal industry. Let’s begin our conversation.

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Responding to a Federal Solicitation?

Renewable energy solicitations fall under a variety of NAICS codes.

  • hydroelectric power generation (NAICS 221111)
  • biomass electric power generation (NAICS 221117)
  • solar electric power generation (NAICS 221114)
  • geothermal electric power generation (NAICS 221116)
  • wind electric power generation (221115)
  • nuclear electric power generation (221113)

Regardless of the NAICS code, federal proposal management and development activities require substantial resource commitments. If you don’t have the available resources to develop compelling federal proposals, we can help.

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Why MyPM

For renewable energy proposals, MyPM is the right choice. To each opportunity we bring:

  • Relevant Knowledge. Who leads development of your high-value bids? Members of our team are former attorneys and PMP certified professionals. We rely on our knowledge to cull the right information and develop highly competitive responses.
  • Winning Experience. We have more than winning proposal experience. We have experience leading development of winning renewable energy proposals. On average, our professionals bring over twenty years of experience in the proposal industry.
  • A Proven Approach. Our approach is well-planned and efficiently executed. It’s based on widely recognized good practice standards in proposal development. It ensures timely delivery of a compliant, compelling response.
  • Enterprise Standard Technology. For each opportunity, we stand up a secure, enterprise standard technology for remote collaboration. You’ll receive real-time transparency and your busy team members will have around-the-clock access.

Winning is Planned

Let’s plan your next win. Go ahead. Schedule the call and let’s begin our conversation.