Management Consulting Proposals


eed help developing management consulting proposals? Consider working with the professionals at MyPM. Our experiences include developing numerous local, state, and federal government proposals. We supported wins with entities like the DC Government, Department of General Services; the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Management Consulting Proposals

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When it costs nearly the same to win as it does to lose, why wouldn’t you select a team with winning experience in your industry? To receive firm-fixed-rate pricing from MyPM, forward your solicitation number and describe the support you need. We’ll work quickly to return your quote.

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Need Federal Proposal Support?

Are you responding to a federal solicitation regarding:

  • program or project management consulting services,
  • financial management consulting services,
  • records management consulting services
  • business management consulting services
  • strategic planning consulting services,
  • or reorganizational consulting services?

When you call on MyPM to support development of your management consulting proposal, expect us to stand up a proven method for ensuring solicitation compliance. Expect us to leverage our winning experiences as we work with your team to develop a compelling response. Expect us to remain flexible and provide complete transparency throughout the proposal development lifecycle.

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Responding to a State Solicitation?

You have support. We provide a comprehensive list of services across the proposal development life cycle. From solicitation search to proposal submission, you are covered.

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Why MyPM

Who leads development of your high-value bids? For management consulting proposal services, MyPM is the right choice. We bring:

  • Relevant Knowledge.

    Each of our proposal managers implement widely recognized good practices for leading proposal development efforts. Further, we assign our proposal managers based on their subject matter expertise. Need support developing a proposal for project management services? We’ll assign a PMP certified professional.

  • Winning Experience. We don’t just have winning proposal experience. We have experience leading development of winning management consulting proposals. Relevant experience matters.
  • A Proven Approach. Our proposal management approach is proven. It fosters solicitation compliance, development of a compelling response, and effective schedule management.
  • Enterprise Standard Technology. For each proposal, we stand up a secure, enterprise standard technology for collaboration. We won’t bombard you with emails and neither of us will battle version control problems.

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