Construction Proposal Services


eed construction proposal services for a must-win opportunity? Several of our proposal managers are PMP certified. Our lead construction proposal manager is also a former real estate attorney with nearly a decade of commercial and residential real estate practice experience. Besides leading teams through the complexities of proposal development, she spots issues others may miss. Her background makes her an efficient interviewer of your subject matter experts.

Construction Proposal Services

You’ll have one opportunity to develop a compliant, compelling response. Consider leveraging a team with recent, relevant industry experience. Our latest winning construction proposal was awarded by the United States Air Force under NAICS Code 236220.

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Need Support with a Federal Response?

Construction solicitations are published under a variety of NAICS codes:

  • residential building construction (NAICS 236115 & 236118),
  • nonresidential building construction (NAICS 236210 & 236220),
  • utility system construction (NAICS 237110-237130),
  • land subdivision (NAICS 237210),
  • highway, street, and bridge construction (NAICS 237010),
  • other heavy and civil engineering construction (237990), and
  • and all of the related construction NAICS codes applicable to subcontractors.

Regardless of the NAICS code, federal construction proposals can overwhelm a busy construction firm and an inexperienced proposal manager. Often, they are voluminous and require  a substantial resource commitment to develop. To be successful, the proposal manager must implement an effective management approach, then move swiftly to position him or herself at the front of the project and lead the team in establishing strategy and discriminators.

If you are going alone, expect the road ahead to be challenging and expect it to differ from private construction proposal development because different rules will apply. For example, your response will be governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations Systems (FAR) along with any supplemental, agency specific regulations.

When you call on MyPM for construction proposal services, expect us to stand up a proven method for managing proposal development and winning construction bids. We’ll lead the way and work with your team to develop a compliant, compelling response.

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Need Help with a State Proposal?

We also provide construction proposal services in response to state solicitations. They, too, can be voluminous and complex. Have you drafted a winning program management plan for a construction proposal? We have. Do you know what a winning quality control plan looks like? We do. Give your team the opportunity it deserves by relying on a company with relevant, winning experience.

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Why MyPM

Who leads development of your multi-million dollar bids? For construction proposal services, MyPM is the right choice. To each opportunity we bring:

  • Relevant Knowledge. Members of our team are PMP certified professionals. Our lead construction proposal manager is also a former real estate attorney. She competently navigates requirements and provides keen oversight for the development of quality, cost, schedule, procurements, human resources, and risk management plans. 
  • Winning Experience. We don’t just have winning proposal experience, we have experience leading development of winning construction proposals.
  • A Proven Approach. Our proposal management approach is a proven one. It ensures solicitation compliance, development of a compelling response, and on-time delivery.
  • Enterprise Standard Technology. For development of complex responses, the technology matters. For each opportunity, we collaborate with your team in a secure, enterprise standard technology. You’ll receive real-time transparency and your busy team members will have around-the-clock access.

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