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Individual Project Management Templates

MyPM remains a leading source for editable project management templates. Our templates are developed by an experienced, PMP certified project manager. They align with widely recognized good practices in project management.

You’ll find our templates used by project managers around the world. They’re also used as instructional material in institutes of higher learning.

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Complete Set of Project Management Templates

Do you need an entire set of editable project management templates? Consider our new e-book titled, “The Practitioner’s Book of Project Management Templates.” There you will find 86 consistently constructed templates.

Besides being uniform in appearance, we think you will find they help eliminate gaps in planning. Together, they help expedite development of project management plans.

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Capabilities Statement Templates

A capabilities statement template is a resume for your business. It is a branded, living document that reflects the current capabilities of your company, from a high-level perspective. It communicates identifying information, the core competencies of your business, and its’ past performance experiences.

Although capability statements are most used by U.S. Federal contractors, all businesses can benefit from having one. Select the button below to browse our templates.

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Proposal Management Templates

Do you need templates to support your proposal management efforts? We’re developing and editing a set now, and we look forward to sharing them.

Like our project management templates, they will be fully editable and uniform in appearance. We think you will find they help eliminate gaps in proposal development. We anticipate them being available by late spring. When they are ready, you will find our proposal templates here.

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