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What’s Your Project Management Superhero Name?

It’s a pleasure to work with good project managers. Their work is well-planned and everyone knows the road ahead. The project communications are frequent and transparent.  For their team, stress is relatively low and the atmosphere is light enough for an occasional laugh. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of work happening. It just means that everything is under control. The project is well-managed.

Of the project managers we’ve had the opportunity to work with lately, a couple have been better than good. For at least a moment, they rose to the status of superheros. For example, one in particular was a communications wizard. He was the best we’ve ever seen. Besides delivering the project on schedule, he managed a remote team that was spread out across three different time zones.  He developed a sense of comradery by working the technology like he invented it. He kept the communications as frequent and timely as though the entire team sat in the office with him. He spotted the smallest nuances in the communication of others, then modified his approach to best move the project forward. It was truly a pleasure to witness his super power.

His highly sensitive communication skills earned him a superhero nickname on that project. His team members referred to him as the “Skype Whisperer.”

In honor of every project manager who taps into his or her super powers, we’ve created the Project Management Superhero Name Generator, below.  If you need a superhero name or know someone who does, help yourself. Here’s how it works:

What’s Your Project Management Superhero Name?

1.   Years of Experience?

Under 5   →   Eager
6-10          →   Courageous
11-15        →   Fearless
Over 15   →   Super

2.   Add your first name
3.   Insert  “the”
4.   Use the initial of your middle name.

If you don’t have a middle name, use the initial of your first name.

A  →  activity B  →  budget C  →  cost →  dependency
E  →  earned value F  →  flowchart G  →  Gantt →  human resource
I  →   issue J  →  baseline K  →  float →  lessons learned
M  →  life cycle →  node →  organizational P  →  process
Q  →  quality R  →  risk S  →  schedule →  time
U  →  phase V  →  scope W  →  work package X  →  constraint
Y  →  project Z  →  resource
5. Use the initial of your last name.
A  →  analyzer B  →  boss C  →  champion D  →  dynamo
E  →  expert  →  sage G  →  guru H  →  hero
I  →  idol J  →  scholar K  →  mystic L  →  leader
M   →  maestro N  →  prodigy O  →  manager P  →  planner
Q  →  estimator R  →  regulator S  →  star →  trailblazer
U  →  ace V  →  wiz W  →  warrior X  →  wizard
Y   →  conqueror Z  →  genius


James Stephen West with 12 years of project management experience = “Fearless James the Schedule Guru”

What’s your project management superhero name?

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