Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meetings | Be a Leader, Not a Holder

If you’re a person who manages projects, do yourself a favor. Learn to lead powerful kickoff meetings. Learn to take control of a project, to seek input, and to place everyone on the same page. Step to the front of each project with purpose, set the tone, and deliver a solid kickoff. Read more

Businessman holding elephant above his head

Manage Stakeholder Expectations: 5 Steps to a Big Job

If you arrive on time for a doctor’s appointment and wait ten minutes before the exam begins, chances are, you will be satisfied with the schedule. This is true even though the doctor was late. If we examine the reason for your satisfaction, we’ll see it’s because you received what you expected. Read more

PMI 2012 Award Winner Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility

Project Management Pride

Each year, I watch for PMI® to bestow the Project of the Year Award. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the scale and complexity of the awarded projects.  It’s not uncommon for the budgets to approach or exceed the half billion mark and for the schedules to span several years. Read more

Project Manager walking on double yellow line

Walk Like a Contract Project Manager

It’s a happy day for you.  You’re a project manager and you’ve just landed your next job.  Life is good!  Both you and your new client agree that you will be working as an independent contractor and not as an employee. You’ll pay your own taxes and your client will file form 1099-MISC. Read more