Bid No Bid Decision

Bid/No Bid Decision

Most would agree that responding to Request for Proposals (RFPs) is an important part of a business development strategy. Oddly enough; however, the approach to making the bid/no bid decision varies greatly. Read more

Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meetings | Be a Leader, Not a Holder

If you’re a person who manages projects, do yourself a favor. Learn to lead powerful kickoff meetings. Learn to take control of a project, to seek input, and to place everyone on the same page. Step to the front of each project with purpose, set the tone, and deliver a solid kickoff. Read more

Dream Projects

Discover Your Dream Project Type

The alarm sounds 6:00 AM. Wake up! It’s time to get ready for work.
Stop. Just for one moment, stop.
Right in this instance and in this second, stop for a moment and listen. It’s right here where we give ourselves powerful feedback regarding our work. Read more